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The best food in Sort to taste

Pleasures are also enjoyed with the sense of palate and the experience of sitting down to enjoy a tasty dish in a pleasant place and, precisely, In our hotel in Sort, you will find the most varied Catalan gastronomic selection; we offer sophistication that can only be appreciated when excellent service and excellence are the priorities. Nothing can be compared to tasting a delicate dish, in a fantastic environment and with first-class care, which can be experienced in our restaurant,…

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Activities for the whole family in Sort – Magical and lucky village.

The town of sort is well known because on three occasions the extraordinary prize of the Christmas Lottery fell in this area (2003, 2004 and 2007), which perfectly fits with the Catalan word that gives the town its name, Sort. Sort is also known for being a witch village, as in the 16th century the local women performed remedies of healing herbs, but the Inquisition put an end to these practices. One of the tourist sites of this town is…

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The best excursions and adventures in Sort

The excursions in this town are innumerable; there are them in all colours and flavours. There are varied and beautiful natural landscapes throughout the Pyrenees, but few as unique as those found throughout the Pallars Sobirá region, in addition to charming rural towns that provide stunning scenery in the area. The excursions in Sort are, above all, scenic, it is what stands out most of all of them. If we really want to appreciate the entire region with a bird’s…

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Tips for a getaway in Sort on a perfect weekend

Perfect getaway in Sort – Adventure and fun The good thing about going on tourism to places where they strive to treat the best to the visitors, and especially when they are looking for excellent accommodation in Sort, in a picturesque and hospitable town, where you will not be short of excellent hotel service. where you can rest after a day of extensive activity. Sights in Sort It is precisely in Sort from our Hotel Les Brases where the organization…

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The best places in Sort to enjoy rural tourism

One of the main benefits of the Sort area, in Lleida, is that it is in a perfect natural setting for all those who want to do rural tourism. Some of the most interesting places that you can visit in the surroundings are Congost de Mont Rebei, the Sauri Church, the Aigüestortes National Park and Lake San Mauricio, the Sort Castle, the Shepherds Museum, the Bear Museum, the Monastery of Santa María or Les Vernedes, to name just a few…

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Skiing in Sort with family, a unique experience

Going to a ski resort as a family can be a lot of fun Whether kids are learning to ski, or as a teen vacation, they find it acceptable to be with their parents. The needs of going to a ski resort as a family naturally vary according to the age of the children and the capacity of the family. Still, it makes life easier and more fun in a resort that has all kinds of activities, especially when it…

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