Enjoy natural beauty is not extremely complicated, as there are many places you can go and see some amazing places, but not many places, and a fascinating environment surrounding you, you’ll also enjoy a unique Romanesque architecture. In culd be seamlessly blends the natural beauty of its surroundings with buildings of Romanesque art that will delight visitors.

The rugged terrain that dominates the town of Sort and surrounding houses interesting examples of Catalan Romanesque religious architecture. Onsite Roman Pallares is really appreciated, but unfortunately there are many pieces of great value and interest that are scattered by different museums. Sanctuaries, chapels, Roman bridges, monasteries, the list of buildings of this era that remain are abundant.

The fascinating church of Sant Pere de Burgal is undoubtedly one of the finest monuments in the area that have survived the passage of time, as you can see inside a beautiful fresco depicting a female figure, the Countess Brand Lucia, showing to perfection both social position of women Catalan politics of the time then.

On the banks of the river Noguera Pallaresa is nestled between mountains and vegetation on all four sides, the stunning Monastery of Santa Maria de Gerri, which dates back to the year 807. Fortunately, this building has been kept pretty well, rising to its visitors with great majesty. As a curiosity that lies inside the tomb of St. Ot of Urgell, bishop greatly favored this monastery.

Another mentions that you can not leave out is the Romanesque of Son del Pi, one of the most emblematic works of Romanesque architectural culd. This group of buildings includes the church of Sant Just and St. Pastor, the Gothic altarpiece, the comunidor-clock tower, and the pikes of holy water, baptismal and oils, a great historical value.

A visit of the most charming that you can not overlook is the Romanesque bridge d’Espot, a fabulous building belongs to the last period of the Romanesque style. This bridge has two arches, and has a total length de28 metreslong from 9 meter-tall maximum. Written on the river also stands another beautiful bridge known as the Roman bridge of La Capella.

There are many Romanesque buildings that are worth being mentioned and discovered, and in it culd have easy, because in every corner, spread over their land, visitors will find plenty of special interest that arose in the Romanesque and even today, still stand wearing all her charms.

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