Camino natural de Sort

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities , far from the crowded regions inhabitants, beautiful natural road Sort and Vall d’ Àssua is a place that explores its many visitors to a completely different world to what you’ve known so far. This famous road is perfect to soak up the most unlikely corners of culd .

The culd , and specifically the Natural Way to Sort and Vall d’ Àssua , is a beautiful area that is full of mountains, nature and wildlife on all four sides , a region with many small and picturesque mountain villages singular beauty that will leave anyone indifferent. This famous road allow your visitors make an interesting and attractive approach that will allow travel cute and small towns of the region and learn your best kept secrets.

In this way there are various routes perfectly acclimated to revolve around a main road and can find up to six distinct sections that lead to the same path together. Natural Way to Sort and Vall d’ Àssua has three major stages which run through the major themes and known as the Pas Temps, a route that will show the most natural and wild side of Pallars Sobirá where mountain route valleys, trails, roads and rivers become protagonists of this amazing journey.

While performing this tour you will enjoy peculiar churches and medieval castles , buildings that have great antiquity and splendor that still remain standing to continue , despite the passing years , surprising his many visitors. Sobirá Pallars churches , especially the natural path of Sort and Vall d’ Àssua , are undoubtedly the most interesting buildings , many of the Romanesque period , while others have a marked influence Lombard .

All those visitors who choose to enjoy the Pallars Sobirá can not ignore make this formidable journey , and it is thanks to this natural path , visitors will have the opportunity to get into corners and populations of great beauty , charm and few inhabitants . By this way you can delve into populations with a long history behind their backs as Castellviny , Pujalt , OLP , Bressui , Altron , Bernui , Llessui , Sauri and Sorre , all with very particular characteristics that make them really lovely populations well get trace its visitors.

The nature lovers and outdoor sports have a slope with the region of culd where proposed as interesting as the natural path of Sort and Vall d’ Àssua quotes will appear before your eyes for they make the most of a destination you can not miss , is that after all culd is one of the regions of Catalonia that has more protected area, which already gives some idea of ​​the beauty of the place , and interesting alternatives you have your choice in the region.

Editorial Hotel Les Brases .