deportes y eventos deportivos

Rafting on the river Noguera pallaresa

Area Pallars Sovira is synonymous with fun, entertainment, leisure and outdoor activities, a destination that opens a wide range of possibilities for sports lovers in full contact with nature. Rafting in the culd is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities for hundreds and thousands of visitors each year come to experience the wonderful waters and natural landscapes that cover these lands. Leverage your getaway to enjoy rafting in place is undoubtedly a great way to make a break with…

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Port Aine, skiing without crowds

The ski resort of Port Aine is located in the heart of the Pyrenees, a place that can be described as idyllic, it is also ideal for those who like skiing in a high quality tracks but fleeing overcrowding skiers that occur elsewhere in the Pyrenees , some even very close to the same ski resort Port Aine . Its location on the Pic de l’ Orri , 2,440 meters high, and 95 % of its tracks oriented north face…

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Sort, the ‘freestyle’

Sort, the ‘freestyle’ The town is home to Thursday’s Open International Championships of Spain and the specialty 1 One of the participants … STAFF | SORT The town is home to the Lucky International Open Thursday and Freestyle Championship in Spain, under the program of events of the 50th International Rally Walnut Pallaresa feature the best Spanish specialists and a broad representation international experts in this category. During the day yesterday disputed the preliminary stages in the four categories and…

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