restaurant les brases de sort

The best food in Sort to taste

Pleasures are also enjoyed with the sense of palate and the experience of sitting down to enjoy a tasty dish in a pleasant place and, precisely, In our hotel in Sort, you will find the most varied Catalan gastronomic selection; we offer sophistication that can only be appreciated when excellent service and excellence are the priorities. Nothing can be compared to tasting a delicate dish, in a fantastic environment and with first-class care, which can be experienced in our restaurant,…

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The best places in Sort to enjoy rural tourism

One of the main benefits of the Sort area, in Lleida, is that it is in a perfect natural setting for all those who want to do rural tourism. Some of the most interesting places that you can visit in the surroundings are Congost de Mont Rebei, the Sauri Church, the Aigüestortes National Park and Lake San Mauricio, the Sort Castle, the Shepherds Museum, the Bear Museum, the Monastery of Santa María or Les Vernedes, to name just a few…

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Typical dishes of Catalonia: Enjoy in our restaurant

In Catalonia we have a high quality gastronomy, very present in the Mediterranean diet and characterized by the wide variety of traditional dishes that represent us. Some of them stand out for the combination of sea and mountain ingredients, which is known here as “mar i muntanya”. At the Hotel Les Brases, we have a restaurant where you can enjoy many of the typical Catalan dishes, which include exquisite meats and grilled fish. 7 typical dishes of Catalonia Roasted Peppers…

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las ferias y fiestas populares llenan el pirineo de lleida de color y tradicion

Las Tierras de Lleida acogen en abril manifestaciones feriales, fiestas tradicionales, actividades deportivas y culturales, además de actos relacionados con Semana Santa y la Festividad de San Jorge. Numerosas poblaciones de las comarcas leridanas se llenan de actividades durante la Semana Santa, entre las que hay que destacar las representaciones de la Pasión y la escenificación de la vida de Cristo, las diversas procesiones y las “caramelles” (cantos de coplas populares). También ofrecen la oportunidad de disfrutar de numerosas fiestas populares…

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The Pallars Sobirá and crafts

Among the various examples of traditional craftsmanship which encontaremos in stores, salt shakers wooden stand , the beçulles , ceramics, basketry and crafts agribusiness . The salt shakers , which are made from time immemorial in the same houses , are usually pine and decorated with sgraffito outside of traditional motifs . Were used for both domestic use and by the shepherds , and served to keep the salt near the fire , protected from moisture, without being burned or…

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Anticipating a good mushroom season in the Pyrenees

August rains have favored the advancement of the campaign, in the Catalan Pyrenees as culd , Pallars Jussà and Val d’ Aran have collected boletus edulis , chanterelles , St.George , chanterelles Amateur mushroom hunters have begun the first crop of mushrooms in the forests of the province of Lleida , especially in the middle and upper levels of the Pyrenees. In August , the rains in the Pyrenees have been above average and , together with relatively low nighttime…

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