noguera pallaresa

Celebrate Father’s Day in Sort

Father’s Day is coming and we know that the ideas that occur to surprise the man who saw you born, king in his armchair, teacher in his spare time and sovereign remote control, you seem less and less original. So, as a father there is only one and the photo frames made with macaroni are a thing of the past, it’s time to get down to work and plan the father’s day bridge as it deserves. After all, it’s about…

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Natural Way and Sort a Valley Àssua

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities , far from the crowded regions inhabitants, beautiful natural road Sort and Vall d’ Àssua is a place that explores its many visitors to a completely different world to what you’ve known so far. This famous road is perfect to soak up the most unlikely corners of culd . The culd , and specifically the Natural Way to Sort and Vall d’ Àssua , is a beautiful area that is…

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The Pallars Sobirá and crafts

Among the various examples of traditional craftsmanship which encontaremos in stores, salt shakers wooden stand , the beçulles , ceramics, basketry and crafts agribusiness . The salt shakers , which are made from time immemorial in the same houses , are usually pine and decorated with sgraffito outside of traditional motifs . Were used for both domestic use and by the shepherds , and served to keep the salt near the fire , protected from moisture, without being burned or…

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