pueblos medievales

Places of interest in culd

When someone visits the culd before your eyes opens a door to endless possibilities for all tastes and ages, and that this area is north of Lleida are many visits you can make interest from museums and exhibitions, going by the most picturesque villages, to beautiful gifts of nature that will amaze all who come to know this land. Scattered throughout the culd we will find countless Romanesque bridges, shrines and chapels that have not only great historical value, but…

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SIARB Valley Road

Counties: culd | | Difficulty: Very Easy | | Media Locomotion: car | | Distance: 50.0 km | | Signaling: Yes | | Duration: 5 hrs This route follows the valley of SIARB, which runs from the port of sang to the shores of Pallaresa Noguera. Soriguera Around unusual places remain undiscovered. The route through the valley of Soriguera, formerly known as the valley of SIARB, begins in Sort. You reach this population from La Seu d’Urgell on the N-260…

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The Cardós Valley bridges

The route that we propose will tour the Valley of Cardós Noguera, which is divided into three municipalities: the Vall de Cardos, created in the early 70s with the merger of Bank of Cardós Estaon and the Cardós Esterri and Lladorre. They are sparsely populated land devoted mainly to farming activities but for some time under this part to strong development pressures. This route, which we will announce singularly important churches and medieval bridges on the Noguera de Cardos excellently…

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