The Itinerary along Batlliu de Sort

Circular route of 12.8 km in length in which we visited the small towns that are scattered in the mountains in the area known as the Batlliu of Sort. The departure and arrival point of the route is in the village of Sort. From Sort visited, in order, the following villages: Olp, Pujalt, Enviny and Bressui. The route is well signposted and runs at all times well-conditioned paths and roads, often defined by ancient dry stone walls. Sort to Olp…

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Natural Way and Sort a Valley Àssua

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities , far from the crowded regions inhabitants, beautiful natural road Sort and Vall d’ Àssua is a place that explores its many visitors to a completely different world to what you’ve known so far. This famous road is perfect to soak up the most unlikely corners of culd . The culd , and specifically the Natural Way to Sort and Vall d’ Àssua , is a beautiful area that is…

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We were the Plateau Rosa and Miquel Pujol level wall along one of our favorite hobbies : explore places we ignored find information about the history , trying to understand what they represented in ancient times and also took a few pictures. If you can walk on it for a while doing some exercise better . One of these occasions we offered to find references Burgal Benedictine monastery . We parked the car in front of the entrance scale ,…

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