Participate in our raffle: 2 hotel nights + Ski Pass in Port Ainé

Are you a ski enthusiast? If you have answered yes, you are in luck. At Hotel Les Brases we want to celebrate the good snow season we are having on the ski slopes of Port Ainé (Pallars Sobirá) with a  raffle for 2 people in our hotel + 2 days for two forfait. We want you to enjoy a spectacular weekend. If you have not been to Pallars Sobirá yet, you should know that it is located in the province of…

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Snowboard tricks for beginners

Snowboarding is fashionable. Every year more people of all ages are encouraged to learn this fun winter sport that will increase your adrenaline and make you enjoy the most of outdoor exercise. Not everyone has the same physical and mental ability to learn snow at a good pace, so today we will give you some snowboard tricks for beginners to help you improve your level. Choose a team according to your level and your height Normally, beginners usually start with…

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Winter fun for all

We are entering some dates in which, no matter how cold it is, we are looking forward to a getaway with family or friends. Although there are very varied options, you know that it is the perfect time to enjoy the snow in all its splendor. However, you will be surprised to know that there is something more besides being able to slide for skiing or snowboarding. A playful park with much to offer The ski resort of Port Ainé,…

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It’s back to Pallars Sobirá ski season

After a long wait, we can finally enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees, always in the hands of the best stations, such as Port Ainé, Virós-Vallferra, Sant Joan de L’erm, Espot Esqui, Tasvascan and Baqueira Beret, all located in the region of Pallars Sobirá. What becomes the ideal activity to combine it with a trip to the Hotel de Les Brases. However, there are always things that we end up forgetting from one year to the next and that we must take…

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Sorteo San Valentin 2018

Valentine’s Day Raffle : Hotel night + 2 days ski pass for 2 people

Valentine’s Day is approaching. What will you give to your partner? Nothing more pleasant than a weekend together in one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia: El Pallars Sobirà, with the beautiful village of Sort as the heart of the valley. All of us who work in the Hotel Les Brases we want to give you the chance to win a very special raffle, the 2018 Valentine’s Day Draw, so that you and your partner have a great time together,…

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