Father’s Day is coming and we know that the ideas that occur to surprise the man who saw you born, king in his armchair, teacher in his spare time and sovereign remote control, you seem less and less original.

So, as a father there is only one and the photo frames made with macaroni are a thing of the past, it’s time to get down to work and plan the father’s day bridge as it deserves. After all, it’s about celebrating it with your family and we have created a perfect day for you in the charming village of Sort.

Museum of the Butterflies in Sort

Visit the Museum of the Butterflies in Sort it is a must, time will pass without you noticing while you observe how nature has impregnated the majestic wings of these insects with a multitude of colors. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see the largest butterfly in the world and also the smallest, since it is in this museum.

Its doors are open every day of the year, both in the morning and in the afternoon, so you will have no problem in fitting this activity into your father’s day celebration calendar.

Excursions and routes on foot in Sort

Sort is the capital of Pallars de Sobirà, the region with the most protected territory in Catalonia, its natural wealth is felt even in the air that is breathed. These walks will make your family and you fall in love with the Pyrenean landscape at every step.

Choose any of the routes that we propose to do on foot with your father and enjoy a luxury walk in the open air.

Skiing in the Port Ainé ski area

Sort is the paradise of adventure sports par excellence, where many activities are organized for all ages. Skiing at this time is the king of sports, take advantage of what remains of the season at the incredible Port Ainé station and celebrate Father’s Day in a different way.

At Hotel les Brases we have a pass for this activity, you will be able to inform you in more detail at reception.

Ultralight flight in the Pyrenean sky

If you want to crown yourself and become your father’s favorite son, without any doubt, this is the master plan. Make your day unforgettable and contemplate the wonderful views of the Catalan Pyrenees from the heights with a ultralight flight. What father did not dream of flying?

If you have liked our suggestions so that you can spend a day with your father that you will always remember, come and visit us. We are waiting for you at the Hotel les Brases.