Perfect getaway in Sort – Adventure and fun

The good thing about going on tourism to places where they strive to treat the best to the visitors, and especially when they are looking for excellent accommodation in Sort, in a picturesque and hospitable town, where you will not be short of excellent hotel service. where you can rest after a day of extensive activity.

Sights in Sort

It is precisely in Sort from our Hotel Les Brases where the organization of all the tourist walks and places of interest where there is only space for great and unforgettable adventures, being specialists in mountain activities, the reason why we are no detail escapes when it comes to making you enjoy yourself to the fullest each day.

Besides, it is surrounded by ten attractive valleys and the Masis, so you must make the most of the time if you want to know them all and also go skiing, take photos, etc.

escapada en sort

If you are looking to enjoy in a more relaxed way, you can not stop visiting the pubs that you will find in this town, where it is possible to sit down to talk and drink a few drinks, while enjoying a friendly atmosphere and the best company.

Discover Sort at night

For the partygoers looking to warm up the body a little to the rhythm of good music, there are the nightclubs, so there is no excuse to waste time unless some night you allow the body to go to rest early to recharge.

If you go on a trip with the smallest of the house, for them there is also good fun, thanks to the children’s parks where they will have very good times, you can even take them on guided walks to the Aigüestortes National Park with numerous routes and amazing landscapes and if you are one of those who like adventure sports, the slopes of the port aine ski resort, which is only a few 20 minutes from Sort.

village sort weekend getaway

Without a doubt, these are two places that have nothing to envy to other tourist destinations, since they have endless things to do in Sort.