Lleida area, especially its slope Pyrenees, is a perfect destination if you love nature, good food, and how could it be otherwise, of mountain and adventure sports. And no wonder, since this Catalan region offers visitors a picturesque natural landscapes that will delight all those who choose to miss a few days in these parts. Rural tourism is noticeable throughout the year, is that the great possibilities of leisure time in towns such as Sort, prove it.

The lush vegetation of the region, rivers, lakes, high mountains that invade the area, will become perfect partners to make you enjoy a host of outdoor activities, either alone or in the company of your closest loved. Sports options presented to you in culd are endless, and for all tastes, ages, and with varying degrees of difficulty to choose what suits you at all times. Importantly, much of it is protected culd, which gives us an idea of what natural areas that make up this region.

Canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, riding gear, canyoning, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain skiing, mountaineering, hiking, dog sledding, hunting, fishing, and many more options are at your fingertips in Pallars Sobirá. These sports are practiced year after year by many visitors and locals who want to enjoy nature in its purest essence while practicing your favorite sport. Active tourism is one of the attractions of the area.

And is that places like the town of Sort feature a prime location close to vital points of interest include Parc Nacional emblematic green Aigüestortes Sant Maurici, a truly amazing, a true natural paradise of breathtaking dimensions , located on the west of the Pyrenees of Lleida, which has become one of the main objectives of the fans of mountain sports and adventure, getting year after year hundreds of visitors eager to enjoy yourself in a dream, especially for hiking and climbing.

Another recommendation is to go to the river Noguera Pallaresa a water ride that leaves behind beautiful places to call your full attention. This charming tributary of the River Segre is an ideal place to carry out activities such as canoeing and rafting, only suitable for the more daring. You can also refer to other natural areas suitable for the practice of many alpine activities and sports that are located in the region, such as Parc Natural High Pyrenees, with nearly 70,000 acres, a destination that offers the opportunity to enjoy idyllic walks, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, rafting or winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing trips.

This mountain region, isolated from the bustle of big cities, with fresh air constantly enveloping, is a fabulous destination to satisfy your physical concerns, zambulléndote a spectacular natural world you can enjoy many activities surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and most enjoyable. The fun is beyond culd insured, and of course I Brases Hotel can be your base camp!

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