The mystery of the mountain of Tor

The history of Tor Mountain is shrouded in mystery, is, at least, busy and curious. In 1986, 13 families from the village of Tor decide, in anticipation that the State did not expropriate the mountain, co-owners establish a society of drafting a constitution to abide by. Thus, it was agreed on that property neighbors who kept the fire burning all year (ie live permanently in it).

Before the civil war, the owners of the mountain, while it is isolated most of the winter and the living conditions in this season are very hard there, were considered the richest in the area. They had won, good grass and wood, and then it was to be rich. Moreover, despite the isolation and harshness of life, or perhaps because of it, the thirteen families lived in a fair fight.

With the civil war and later, after the war, with famine and dictatorship, a number of circumstances such as the fact that up there even today without running water, electricity or phone line and are cut off the most of the winter, resulted in the departure of most villagers, at least during the cooler months. But the trigger that precipitated this abandonment was burning four houses following the persecution and execution, by the Guardia Civil, a maquis who had taken refuge in the mountains.

Thus, since the statute expressly indicating the status of “having the fire on” all year to maintain the property, broke the intrigues, envy, hatred and strife in a frenzied battle between the three major houses Tor, plagued by lawsuits and judgments, and dotted in turn with several murders, by taking control and ownership of the mountain.

Josep Montane, “Sansa” and Francesc Sarroca, “Cerda”, the latest patriarchs of two such strong houses, united only by the cause they also separated ancient disputes, fighting with intent to sell or rent it to a complex Leisure and ski slopes, the other chief, Jordi Riba, the house “lever”, only to assert their rights as sole owner and sell at home instead of wood and “manage” the passage of smugglers ( that even that is missing from this story) from Andorra.

Among delirious situations more typical of some writer’s imagination tragic real life, “Sansa” and “sow” rent the mountain in 1976, behind the rest of society members of co-owners, Ruben Castañer, a realtor Andorran Aragonese, who walks “his domain” with two bodyguards. Two years later “lever” by the circumstances associated with the other co-owners, the rent on two woodcutters who will serve as bodyguards to him. As it is palpable tension and tragedy is chewed.

The first killed in 1980, were the two bodyguards of “lever” at the hands of the two “protectors” of Reuben Castañer when, according to statements by the “lever”, trying to kill him, who managed to flee. In 1981, lawyers for “Sansa” and “sow” interpose a claim against the other neighbors to take ownership of the mountain.

In 1995, the judge rules in favor of Tremp, “Sansa”, declaring Tor sole owner on the basis that only he could prove that he lived year-round in the mountain, and leaving out the other litigant with which side was against “Lever”, “Cerda”. But his reign lasted Tor just five months before his assassination.

Finally after many processes and resources, in 2002, the Court of Lleida sentencing stating that the mountain is owned by all the heirs of the thirteen founders. Lever and the heirs of Sansa present appeal is rejected for the last time in 2005 by the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, which ratified the 2002 judgment.

The journalist Carles Porta immersed himself in this adventure which, as he says, will never leave at all, when it was discovered in Tor’s murder Montané Josep Baro, “Sansa” and TV3 television channel I worked, sent to cover the story to develop a program that chain called “30 minuts”, in reference to its duration. So great did the research work that great team and gave birth report they were awarded the prize for journalism Pirineus report.

Time after issuance, in 2003, received a grant holder of literary prizes Vallverdú of Lleida to write a book on the subject, which resulted in the birth of “Tor, Cursed Mountain.” A fascinating book, full of mysteries that presents a view of human misery with a certain dose of humor and simplicity.

Source: Journal Iberian