Among the various examples of traditional craftsmanship which encontaremos in stores, salt shakers wooden stand , the beçulles , ceramics, basketry and crafts agribusiness .

The salt shakers , which are made from time immemorial in the same houses , are usually pine and decorated with sgraffito outside of traditional motifs . Were used for both domestic use and by the shepherds , and served to keep the salt near the fire , protected from moisture, without being burned or become dirty .

Les beçulles was used , mainly, by the shepherds. It is a container made of birch bark , which was used to draw water from ponds , fountains and rivers , even served for heating liquids in the fire.

There had been two major potters : Promote Gerri de la Sal and the other in Scepter . The first oven closed permanently after the civil war, and the second did the same circa 1962 . Currently in the Eco-museum of the Valleys of Àneu you can buy reproductions of the most traditional parts : pitxelles , plates, bowls , trays, spin , cheesemaking …

Basketry was also an activity that , more or less , exercised within the same houses when everyone was self-sufficient for the necessities of life . Therefore, the baskets were made with what they had on hand at all times : Vimet , tintolaina , hazel … basketry today basically hazel occurs: bread baskets, garden or go to pick mushrooms …

Finally , we find numerous examples of craftsmanship with lactic agroalimentariarelacionada ( cheese , yogurt ) , processing them meats ( sausages , pates, fetge pa ) , medicinal and aromatic plants , fruits ( jams, liqueurs , etc.).


Source : Turisme pallars sobirà