One more year, at the end of June the San Juan festivities are held in Sort, with traditional festivals and events as representative as the Fallas de Isil or those of Alins both recognized as World Heritage by Unesco.

Come and discover the essence of the Pyrenees during two long weekends in unique parties full of magic and fun.

San Juan in Sort

In Sort you will find an agenda full of activities for the whole family to celebrate this holiday.

Among the acts prepared in Sort highlight the shearing of sheep with scissors,an exhibition where to present this ancient office to the people; and the San Juan fair of artisan and agri-food products. In addition, bonfires are also made to scare away evil spirits and ask for good omens.


Isil failures

30 minutes away from Sort, you can enjoy this ceremony that attracts thousands of visitors each year and where the fire is worshiped by lowering burning trunks from the mountain to the center of town.

With the participation of generations of adults and children, the fallaires carry the faults down the mountain to create a large bonfire in the town square, where traditional dances will be performed later.

Alins failures

The descent of faults of Alins on the day of the festival of San Juan was resumed now almost 30 years ago, after a time when it stopped practicing. Luckily, today this tradition has taken root stronger than ever. Although they are not well known, the faults of Alins gather, year after year, a large number of visitors the night of San Juan. You can not miss them, book your site in

Enjoy a very special weekend celebrating San Juan in the Pyrenees.

Discover with your family or friends the tradition and millenary symbols of our area in a very healthy leisure and fun environment.

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