1. Frugal breakfast. Skipping breakfast is always a mistake, also the day after a sumptuous dinner and excessive. Breakfast in recent weeks may be more frugal and smooth, but not worth circumvent it. Serves to invigorate and to that, sit down to eat, we do so with a normal appetite and with less anxiety.

2. Light menu, but delicious. Be combined low-calorie foods (fruits and vegetables, fruits, fish …) with simple preparations and give a sophisticated touch to the traditional recipe: an original sauce, an exotic food, a presentation suggestive.

3. Food tonics as part of the menu. Stimulate purifying organs (liver, kidneys, intestine) and relieve discomfort for excesses as bloating, bloating, flatulence and headache. Foods that tonify the liver are slightly bitter taste vegetables (escarole, endive, artichoke, chard, eggplant, infusions of dandelion and milk thistle), while vegetables and fruits, such as celery, asparagus, borage, apple or pear, activate kidney cleansing action.

4. Foods rich in fiber help evacuate and relieve swollen belly. A fruit compote mixed with nuts and raisins, yogurt with bran, drinking water and a long walk help this purpose.

5. A yogurt a day promotes better digestion.

6. Salad entree. Raw foods are rich in enzymes that help the body make better digestion.

7. Sprouts in the salad. Bean sprouts, alfalfa, wheat or barley contain enzymes that counteract the gases.

8. Divide leftovers. Share the remains of meals with friends and family is a trick to not overeat the other days.

9. Desserts and coffee without sugar. Rather than opt for such sweeteners saccharin, healthy advice is to accustom the palate to the natural flavors of the food, including the slight bitterness of coffee and tea.

10. Walking an hour a day, at least, helps improve digestion and that calories do not accumulate in the body. There is a one hour followed by activity, but the hike can be split into two half-hour runs, some time in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The amount eaten the day before and the day after meals extraordinary is a support to offset the excess.

The day before the big lunch or dinner you can consume:

Breakfast: green tea, bifidus yogurt with oatmeal and prunes and applesauce.

Food: borage or celery soup, borage with pumpkin, steamed hake with ratatouille and bread and digestive infusion (chamomile, licorice).

Snack: yogurt bifidus.

Dinner: borage or celery soup, cream of pumpkin, onion and brown rice and wholemeal bread with cheese and honey.

The following day:

Breakfast: green tea, natural fruit salad (pineapple, papaya, banana, pear, apple), orange juice and yogurt bifidus.

Lunch: vegetable broth, milk with artichokes, asparagus and clams, bifidus yogurt.

Snack: grapes, chamomile tea.

Dinner: vegetable broth noon, full salad (endive, chicory, pomegranate and chopped nuts), whole wheat bread and relaxing infusion.


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