Very close to our hotel is a magical place, responsible for sharing dreams, dreams and above all, a lot of money. As of this same month, the famous administration of the Bruixa d’Or begins to distribute, as every year, its coveted national lottery tenths for the draw that takes place annually on December 22 and January 6.

The birth of good luck

The Bruixa d’Or was founded in 1986 by its owner Xavier Gabriel in Sort. Before it was baptized by that name, the administration had other names such as “Stop” and it was not until 1992 that it was baptized as the Bruixa d’Or. The origin of this comes from a small statue of a golden witch who acquired Gabriel in a souvenir shop.

Two years after it was renamed, the Bruixa d’Or managed for the first time to distribute the biggest prize in the national lottery of “El Niño”. Luck did not end with this first prize, since their tenths were also awarded in the years 1996, 1998 and 2000 in this same draw. However, it was not until 3 years later (2003) when he managed to become the most famous administration in Spain when he managed to distribute the biggest prize of the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes. The popular “El Gordo”, distributing it again not only in 2004, but also in 2007. Since that day, thousands of people take the opportunity to get closer to the town and buy a bit of luck in the famous administration in order to The Bruixa d’Or gives them a little of their powerful magic.

At the Hotel and Restaurant Les Brases we also sell the Bruixa d’or lottery without commission. Do not miss out on your luck, in 2017 the Bruixa d’Or distributed in our community a large part of the first prize, the second and two fifths.

It is not enough to buy!

They say that luck is for those who seek it. Many of the curious who come to Sort on vacation end up buying some tenth as a souvenir of our municipality. We must not forget that one of the legends says that for true luck to accompany you it is necessary to rub the ticket purchased by the nose and the broomstick of the famous golden witch.

La Bruixa d’Or is one of Sort’s most vivid legends. If you are lucky enough to come on vacation, you should not forget to go to buy a tenth. I’m sure he plays!