Pleasures are also enjoyed with the sense of palate and the experience of sitting down to enjoy a tasty dish in a pleasant place and, precisely,

In our hotel in Sort, you will find the most varied Catalan gastronomic selection; we offer sophistication that can only be appreciated when excellent service and excellence are the priorities.

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Nothing can be compared to tasting a delicate dish, in a fantastic environment and with first-class care, which can be experienced in our restaurant, in this beautiful town in the province of Lleida.

Gastronomy of Catalonia

Catalan gastronomy is part of the rich Mediterranean diet, which combines products from the sea, mountains and countryside, with a special touch that only a few manage to give and that can be found in this part of the world.

There are many reasons to visit our restaurant. The offer of this cuisine is very varied, including light starter dishes, unique salads, succulent meat, fish and seafood preparations in different presentations, and desserts that are very typical of the region.

gastronomy of catalonia in the town of sort

Many of the traditional Catalan dishes focus on displaying these ingredients, transforming them into stews, salads, soups and fish and pork dishes, not simply the necessary tapas found throughout Spain. A trip to Catalonia will delight you with charred calçots (chives endemic to the region), studded cod salads and tons of homemade sausages flanked by lots of beans.

So when it comes to enjoying life, at our restaurant in Sort, we have one of the best options you can find, especially for those who love nature and the tranquillity of the mountains and like the best in gastronomy.

It is a combination that will satisfy the most demanding, and that will surely leave memories that will never be forgotten.