It is important to have an ecological conscience, but the first thing to do to have it is to realize what nature is actually.

In the world there are many people who want to do something for the Earth, nature, animals, etc., but environmental campaigns can not win this fight alone, they need the cooperation of all of us.

Therefore it is important to note that for this to be achieved it is necessary to sensitize our actions and have a real desire to change into something we commit injustice.

At that moment all I have to think about is nature in its true significance, as it has been since the beginning of time.

The most important thing is that we do not see as we were taught in school or as we have presented it as a mere object satisfier, but we find in our being their true meaning.

Claman our respect

For us to change our bad habits and give the environment the importance we need to realize that nature is not only a satisfier more.

We felt with the heart that is not an object, every element of nature (animals, plants, oceans, mountains, etc.) is really valuable and deserves to receive love, but above all to be observed. Nature also needs the respect to develop in harmony and happiness to evolve, so do we.

It is therefore necessary that we stop our cruelty and sensitize us to make our mind ceases to be indifferent to the true reality, to the reality that right now yells “Stop, please”.

We must see that they are beings who need to receive and give love, you demand respect, they want to develop freely.

They feel like us

All beings of Mother Nature have a need to communicate heart to heart with us so we can understand who they really are.

Seek to demonstrate that they are able to give love despite the damage we caused them every day. Nevertheless, what they want most is for us to provide the opportunity to show us who feel like us.

They are important for the development of the universe, but mainly for the development of our heart.

An important step will be to put aside the divisions between animal, human or plant it. It is time to leave behind all that we have imposed in this regard and now makes us act the wrong way, away from love.

We are one creation in which there are no such divisions we have created and realize that we will be able to discover the true essence of our brothers, who give us every second of live teaching and love.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

[email protected]