free time to not worry about the stress that we live in our day to day. A good way to distract yourself is fishing, a relaxing and fun activity. It is a very appealing sport at this time of the year because, in rivers such as Noguera Pallaresa, the water goes down and becomes completely clean, which allows us a better search.

Types of fishing and materials

Go fishing for the first time is usually quite messy, there are thousands of materials and ways to perform this activity. That is why, below, we leave you a list with what is necessary to enter this world.


In order to capture a fish we will need the following objects:

  • A fishing rod. There are different varieties and each of them has its own advantages, everything will depend on personal taste.
  • Hooks. For fresh water it is good to have crickets, grasshoppers or earthworms at hand.
  • The counterweights. They serve to throw the bait and sink it to the bottom since many of the fish usually swim in the depth.
  • Finally, we must carry the buoys, keep the bait firm in place and so they do not scare the fish.

Modalities in fresh water:

There are many ways to fish. The most recommended for fresh water are the following:

  • Fly fishing is ideal for catching salmonids. The basis of this type is the use of flies as baits. The goal is to attract the fish in a natural way.
  • The Bolognese mode seeks to attract fish to the fisherman through greases, which will serve as bait for its strong smell.
  • The return of water is a very popular fishing in fresh water because of the environmental awareness that it entails. Capture and release of fish predominates because many fish do so out of a fishing interest and not because of the subsequent capture of the fish.

Tips to go fishing

Fishing is a sport in which a lot of patience is needed. So, from the Hotel de les Brases we want to facilitate the task, so then, we leave you with five very useful tips that will serve you this summer if you are going to fish.

  1. The time we go to helps achieve our goal. Although today is not known what is the best time of day to fish, there are more chances to achieve fish with the absence of light and noise. Therefore, the greatest chance of getting one will vary from early morning to 9:30 in the morning.
  2. The Noguera River area is full of places to fish. So we leave you below a useful fishing map depending on the section.
  3. We must not forget our fishinf permit, without it we will not be able to carry out the activity.
  4. The best months to leave vary from July to September. The water is low and good weather accompanies the fish biting more.
  5. It is advisable to rest early to get strong the next day. Our hotel it is very close to the river and is ideal to fall asleep before a hard day of fishing.

Patience, dedication and observation make the good fisherman. It is not necessary great knowledge to enjoy this sport. It is, after all, an activity to relax and connect with nature.