One of the activities that Sort offers us are the circular motorcycle routes. Being circular, the route begins and ends in the village, making it easier to find accommodation. If you are passionate about motorcycling and also want to see all the landscapes that this area can offer, we leave you with two routes that you will surely love:

The route of San Lorenzo

This itinerary has a distance of 264 km, so it can be executed in a total of 5 hours. If you do it, you will pass by the national road N-260 and by the regional road C-14.

Leaving from the Hotel les Brases,the first stop is in La Seu d’Urgell, a place known for being one of the most important cities in medieval Catalonia. Seventeen minutes later, you will find yourself in San Lorenzo de Morunys, in this place you will find the marsh of Llosa del Cavall, a place that allows you to fish, perform water sports, hiking and, above all, enjoy nature. Once you have visited it, it is time for you to look for the deviation towards Solsona, a town where you can visit the Diocesan District Museum. Behind this, we have to visit the Bassella Motorcycle Museum , recognized among the best in Europe.

If we continue straight on the C14 road towards Ponts, you will reach Folquer, at the crossroads, take the deviation to the right in the direction of Isona-Tremp. This town is one of the largest municipalities in Catalonia, you can also visit the Collegiate Church of Santa María de Valldeflors or the Bridge of Sant Jaume. Tremp is the last place you’ll see on this route, since after arriving, you have to deviate towards Sort.

Viewpoint of the Pyrenees

On this route you will travel 270 km, a total of 5 hours maximum. On this occasion, you will travel along the national highway N-260, the regional road C-13 and the local road L-503. You will pass through 3 mountain passes and 6 lakes / marshes, without forgetting the fantastic viewpoint of the Pirineu.

To carry out this route, first of all, you have to go to Gerri de la Sal, for it, exit Sort by the N-260. At about 60 meters, you must turn left towards Paramea along the Les Vinyes road and continue for 4 km until you reach Peramea. It is time to visit Lake MontCortes, included in the Plan of Spaces of Natural Interest (PEIN).

Six kilometers later, you will reach the Pobleta de Bellveí. At this point the road becomes the well-known Port of Perves, you are in the perfect place to make a stop. La Pobleta de Bellveí is a town created at the end of the Middle Ages. Here you can visit the Church or simply rest in one of its bars. After this break, continue on the N-230 for about 35 km towards the town of Pont de Montaña, where we will cross a bridge and turn off towards the Camí del Coll de les Ares, where we will find a mandatory stop, ¡look out! mandatory stop at the Mirador del Pirineo for lovers of photography.  It should be noted that the Astronomical Park of Montsec is located near this place, although it is little known, its views are endless and they make many exhibitions and guided tours.

Eleven kilometers later you will reach Ager. Cross the village and you will arrive at a roundabout, take the last exit of Gerb and head towards Sant Llorenç de Montgai, known for its reservoir, where you can do many activities such as kayaking, fishing, etc.

If you follow the indications on the map, you will arrive at Camarasa, after so much traveling, you surely want to drink very fresh water, make a stop at the Font de les Bagasses!  The water is currently channeled under the road and springs up by several braziers of a metal structure. For children it becomes a whole game to see as water. Twenty kilometers later you will reach the Talarn Dam. You are very close to finishing the route. If you want, you can stop at Cervecería C13 de Pobla de Segur to rest from the long trip.Once there, turn right and continue towards Sort, in brief you will be at Hotel Les Brases again.