The excursions in this town are innumerable; there are them in all colours and flavours. There are varied and beautiful natural landscapes throughout the Pyrenees, but few as unique as those found throughout the Pallars Sobirá region, in addition to charming rural towns that provide stunning scenery in the area.

The excursions in Sort are, above all, scenic, it is what stands out most of all of them. If we really want to appreciate the entire region with a bird’s eye view, you cannot miss an excursion to Noguera Pallaresa and the Àssua Valley.

river noguera pallaresa

In it, we will be able to cross the entire area of ​​the river through the highest part and enjoy some views and a memory that will remain engraved in your mind for the rest of your life. During the excursion, we will visit Rialp, through the 19th-century suspension bridge of Santa Caterina. We will enjoy the charming routes of the medieval castle of this town and the picturesque streets of Olp, Surp and Altron.

We are talking about a route of approximately 18 kilometres, not excessively hard, that we can travel throughout the year. Topics aside, we are facing an unforgettable excursion that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Another getaway that we recommend is the dragon of Saverneda, Tornafort and the Siarb valley. We will cross ravines and visit the cosy village of Puigforniu, where we will discover its origins and customs. Besides, we will enjoy the views that Montsent de Pallars offers us and we will be able to see indigenous species such as the black woodpecker, a bird of the woodpecker family very characteristic of the area.

We want to talk to you about canyoning, and this sport is practised in the ravines of a mountain or river, having to overcome the obstacles or slopes that are found on the way: either walking, jumping, swimming, rappelling, going down slides, etc. We will have to jump into pools of water, slide down water slides, and the years have dug into the rock using ropes to rappel down.

In each descent you can find sections with low water, points where the water is quite deep and other sections with waterfalls, lands with exuberant vegetation. In these sections, it seems that it has gotten dark due to its narrowness and sinuousness.