For some, snow is put chains on the car and not go outside because it’s cold. However, for others the snow is almost an addiction and are crazy for start skiing, snowboarding, telemark or mushing among others.

Winter sports, which, as its name suggests, are seasonal and offer a wide range of benefits. For example, did you know that the move to the mountain, and be at higher altitudes is less oxygen. Thus there is an increased vascular and respiratory effort, improving our heart rate.

The snow sports allow us to work your abs and legs enprofundidad. It also helps us work coordination, balance and proprioception.

Proprioception is the sense that tells our body position of the muscles and regulates the direction, range of motion.

With winter sports, we burn our body fat and tonificamos. Given the extreme cold that we submit our thermoregulatory mechanism makes our temperature does not drop, resulting in an extra expenditure of calories.

Do not forget that in addition to these sports, adrenaline is released in large doses and feel more relaxed and calm. They are overcoming sports and constancy, in which we put to the test and so increase our self-esteem.

Finally, winter sports from the sun and its reflection in the snow equally dark place that we were in the beach. So the more flirty, you can brag about good skin tone even in the cold winter. Of course, first and foremost protected skin.


By: Trendencias Hombre