Finally it smells like summer and we all have a little more free time for our hobbies. One of the best ways to have fun at this time of year is to have a nice time enjoying outdoor sports. Now that the good weather is here, we are looking for the most refreshing way to entertain ourselves and for that reason, we show you the four best activities you can do on the Noguera Pallaresa River for an unforgettable vacation.

Speed assured with hydrospeed

If yours is the risk and speed, hidrospeed is ideal for this holiday sport. You will glide along the Noguera Pallaresa river with only a water sled and some fins in order to be able to propel you while you are following the water course at a rapid speed. But calm, you will not go alone, you will be accompanied by some guides that will set the pace you should go to enjoy to the fullest and not suffer any setback. Hydrospeed is a sport exclusively for brave people who want to be in touch with nature and enjoy it to the fullest.

Fun and adventure in  rafting

Rafting or river descent is one of the most exciting and fun activities for all ages, since you can feel the whitewater of the river while you exercise. This sport is perfect to enjoy with the family because even the youngest can have a great time descending the impressive Noguera Pallaresa River through a raft.

Adventure secured with  canyoning

The most adventurous sport is found in the descent of the ravines. It’s about getting down a natural gap and overcoming all the obstacles that we encounter along the route. With the canyoning you will not only have to descend, but you must slide, swim, jump into the water and rappel down the waterfalls to reach the end of the route.

Perfect plan to relax

One of the most fun activities to spend a family day are the Indian canoes. You will be able to discover the Noguera Pallaresa River with ease while you have a great time taking the boat along the long flow of water. These are self-emptying so it becomes the perfect sport for those who want to enjoy nature without having to get wet. It is an activity suitable for the smallest of the house and the largest, in which laughter is assured.

Enjoying nature and playing sports can be very compatible in the Noguera Pallaresa river. Do not think twice and take advantage of these water sports to enjoy with family and / or friends!