The history of the lottery Sort “La Bruja de Oro” located in a small town in the Catalan Pyrenees, is a business success that has turned a small business into a success without precedents in Spain and the world. After selling in successive editions of the extraordinary drawings of the National Lottery Christmas and “El Niño” the “fat” award and other major awards, this delegation has become the administration sells more lottery of all that is in Spain.

loteria de sort

Lotto sort

But before winning the prize you have to buy the tickets. To do this, the administration makes it easy: you can do it directly at its headquarters in the town of Sort, which is one of the most common options. you can also shop online (Go to their website In fact, sales in this way are growing more than 85 percent of its turnover.



Today, “La Bruja de Oro” remains the lottery with the highest sales in Spain. Although the facilities made available to customers, there are still many who travel to Sort, still lining up outside the store, buy the shares rubbing on the witch and return home equipped with illusion. During the morning on a weekday it can take between 400 and 500 people out of the window, a figure that soars over the weekend. If you decide to come directly to buy your lottery Sort, ideally stay at the Hotel Les Brases located on the same street 50 meters. We hope and good luck