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The benefits of winter sports

For some, snow is put chains on the car and not go outside because it’s cold. However, for others the snow is almost an addiction and are crazy for start skiing, snowboarding, telemark or mushing among others. Winter sports, which, as its name suggests, are seasonal and offer a wide range of benefits. For example, did you know that the move to the mountain, and be at higher altitudes is less oxygen. Thus there is an increased vascular and respiratory…

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Decorate the nursery for the arrival of the Kings: five ideas

The nursery can prepare for the visit of the Magi with a tree, decorations on the walls and Crafts By CRISTIAN VÁZQUEZ January 2, 2013 – Picture: seelensturm – Decorating children’s rooms with a touch of Christmas is a fun way to prepare for the arrival illusion of the Magi and Santa Claus-or Olentzero, Esteru Angulero for children and the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias. This article presents six ideas to achieve this: from the basics, like the tree, the…

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Ten tips to offset excesses in food christhmas

1. Frugal breakfast. Skipping breakfast is always a mistake, also the day after a sumptuous dinner and excessive. Breakfast in recent weeks may be more frugal and smooth, but not worth circumvent it. Serves to invigorate and to that, sit down to eat, we do so with a normal appetite and with less anxiety. 2. Light menu, but delicious. Be combined low-calorie foods (fruits and vegetables, fruits, fish …) with simple preparations and give a sophisticated touch to the traditional…

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