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Participate in our raffle: 2 hotel nights + Ski Pass in Port Ainé

Are you a ski enthusiast? If you have answered yes, you are in luck. At Hotel Les Brases we want to celebrate the good snow season we are having on the ski slopes of Port Ainé (Pallars Sobirá) with a  raffle for 2 people in our hotel + 2 days for two forfait. We want you to enjoy a spectacular weekend. If you have not been to Pallars Sobirá yet, you should know that it is located in the province of…

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Snowboard tricks for beginners

Snowboarding is fashionable. Every year more people of all ages are encouraged to learn this fun winter sport that will increase your adrenaline and make you enjoy the most of outdoor exercise. Not everyone has the same physical and mental ability to learn snow at a good pace, so today we will give you some snowboard tricks for beginners to help you improve your level. Choose a team according to your level and your height Normally, beginners usually start with…

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Winter fun for all

We are entering some dates in which, no matter how cold it is, we are looking forward to a getaway with family or friends. Although there are very varied options, you know that it is the perfect time to enjoy the snow in all its splendor. However, you will be surprised to know that there is something more besides being able to slide for skiing or snowboarding. A playful park with much to offer The ski resort of Port Ainé,…

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It’s back to Pallars Sobirá ski season

After a long wait, we can finally enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees, always in the hands of the best stations, such as Port Ainé, Virós-Vallferra, Sant Joan de L’erm, Espot Esqui, Tasvascan and Baqueira Beret, all located in the region of Pallars Sobirá. What becomes the ideal activity to combine it with a trip to the Hotel de Les Brases. However, there are always things that we end up forgetting from one year to the next and that we must take…

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Block: Image

Welcome to image alignment! If you recognize this post, it is because these are blocks that have been converted from the classic Markup: Image Alignment post. The best way to demonstrate the ebb and flow of the various image positioning options is to nestle them snuggly among an ocean of words. Grab a paddle and let’s get started. Be sure to try it in RTL mode. Left should stay left and right should stay right for both reading directions. On…

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Block: Button

Button blocks are not semantically buttons, but links inside a styled div.  If you do not add a link, a link tag without an anchor will be used. Check to make sure that the text wraps correctly when the button has more than one line of text, and when it is extra long. Buttons have three styles:  If the theme has a custom color palette, test that background color and text color settings work correctly.  Now lets test how buttons…

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Block: Cover

The cover block lets you add text on top of images or videos. This blocktype has several alignment options, and you can also align or center the text inside the block. The background image can be fixed and you can change its opacity and add an overlay color. Make sure that the text wraps correctly over the image, and that text markup and alignments are working. The next image should have a pink overlay color, the text should be bold…

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Block: Gallery

Gallery blocks have two settings: the number of columns, and whether or not images should be cropped. The default number of columns is three, and the maximum number of columns is eight. Below is a three column gallery at full width, with cropped images. Some more text for taking up space. A two column gallery, aligned to the left, linked to media file. In the editor, the image captions can be edited directly by clicking on the text. If the…

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Block: Columns

This page tests how the theme displays the columns block. The first block tests a two column block with paragraphs. This is the second column. It should align next to the first column. Reduce the browser window width to test the responsiveness. This is the second column block. It has 3 columns. Paragraph 2 is in the middle. Paragraph 3 is in the last column. The third column block has 4 columns. Make sure that all the text is visible…

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Block: Quote

The quote block has two styles, regular: Gutenberg is more than an editor. The Gutenberg Team and large: Yes, it is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall flow in inexhaustible streams, the most abundant and most marvelous liquor that has ever flowed to relieve the thirst of men! Johannes Gutenberg The quote blocks themselves have no alignments but the text can be aligned, bold, italic, and linked: Right Theme Review In addition to the quote block, we also…

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