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Block: Columns

This page tests how the theme displays the columns block. The first block tests a two column block with paragraphs. This is the second column. It should align next to the first column. Reduce the browser window width to test the responsiveness. This is the second column block. It has 3 columns. Paragraph 2 is in the middle. Paragraph 3 is in the last column. The third column block has 4 columns. Make sure that all the text is visible…

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Block: Quote

The quote block has two styles, regular: Gutenberg is more than an editor. The Gutenberg Team and large: Yes, it is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall flow in inexhaustible streams, the most abundant and most marvelous liquor that has ever flowed to relieve the thirst of men! Johannes Gutenberg The quote blocks themselves have no alignments but the text can be aligned, bold, italic, and linked: Right Theme Review In addition to the quote block, we also…

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Block category: Common

The Common category includes the following blocks: Paragraph, image, headings, list, gallery, quote, audio, cover, video. The paragraph block is the default block type.  It should not have any alignment of any kind. It should just flow like you would normally expect. Nothing fancy. Just straight up text, free flowing, with love. This paragraph is left aligned. This italic paragraph is right aligned. Neither of these paragraphs care about politics, but this one is bold, medium sized and has a…

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Block category: Widgets

The shortcode widget: The Archive Widget: The same Archive widget but as a dropdown: The Category widget block has an additional option for showing category hierarchies: The Latest Comments widget can display or hide the avatars, the date, and the comment excerpt: Here is an example of the Comments widget with all the options disabled. The number of comments has been reduced to two. And here is the Latest Posts widget in the list view, with dates: Grid view, now…

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Block category: Formatting

The formatting category includes the following blocks: The classic block can have almost anything in it. a heading The custom HTML block lets you put HTML that isn’t configured like blocks in it. (this div has a width of 45%) The preformatted block.The Road Not TakenRobert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel both (\_/) And be one traveler, long I stood (=’.’=) And looked down one as far as I could («)_(«) To…

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Keyboard navigation

There are many different ways to use the web besides a mouse and a pair of eyes. Users navigate for example with a keyboard only or with their voice. All the functionality, including menus, links and forms should work using a keyboard only. This is essential for all assistive technology to work properly. The only way to test this, at the moment, is manually. The best time to test this is during development. How to keyboard test: Tab through your…

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Las mejores excursiones para realizar desde Sort (Parte I)

Sort es un destino que recordarás toda la vida. Un paisaje espectacular con vistas a los Pirineos Catalanes, un centro histórico único y la posibilidad de hacer mil actividades o excursiones para admirar la naturaleza. Pero seguramente, si vas a pasar unos días en este pueblecito pallarés, todo esto ya lo sabrás. En esta ocasión, queremos hablarte de las mejores excursiones que puedes realizar desde este municipio para que exprimas al máximo tu estancia. ¡Presta atención!

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