The March 9, 1938 , during the Spanish Civil War , the army fran –
conquest began a major offensive which involved the collapse of the front
of Aragon and the entry of their units in the province of Lleida . the
62nd Division , commanded by Colonel General Antonio Acting
Sagardía Ramos , took Gerri de la Sal , Peramea , Sort Enviny and 13
April. The same division was responsible for an extensive fortification
The area culd Front advantage stagnation du –
for months in the river Noguera Pallaresa .

soldado fortificacion vilamur

Franco’s army Fortifications

Structurally, the assembly so formed Vilamur different elements
defensive elements basically pasted with stone casemates
mortar or deck formwork and concrete, also had
fireplace inside , allowing light the fire and support the
winter cold. These constructs possessed suitable loopholes
automatic weapons fire . The bunkers were connected by
a network of trenches dug in the ground. The final tranche
this defensive network was protected with stone parapets pasted
mortar , and were provided with loopholes for riflemen. finally,
the defensive set was supplemented with a wire mounted
on iron pegs .

trinxera vilamur fortificacion

Military life in the fortifications

A company paid permanent service Vila defensive line –
mur . The military unit was commanded by two or three officers, and various
sergeants and corporals , essential to ensure discipline and active
daily military activity . Monitoring the status of weapons and sufficient
science of supply in this place , such as firewood for fireplaces ,
ammunition boxes , storage pumps and supplied hand
ter of the military commissariat , were responsible for these controls .

Republican Attacks on Vilamur sector

The security Vilamur defensive line during the months that had
continuous presence of troops was hit only once by attacks
Republican aviation . Taking advantage of the defense area had an-
tiaérea , on May 22, 1938 , coinciding with the start of the offensive
his army on the territory of Lleida , nine bombers Polikarpov RZ ,
Soviet-made , made ​​two services and bombed Sort ,
Vilamur entering . The attack left three dead and 11 wounded ,
and the destruction of several houses in the town center. The same day, the
fighter squadron Polikarpov I-15 , which covered the service with the bombard –
Deros in this sector, strafed the positions in southern Malmercat and rute points
near Vilamur

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