Catalonia has many green spaces that will delight the faithful lovers of nature, sports and outdoor activities. But if you put head north of Lleida, and more specifically to the Pallars Sobirá will find a most charming scenery, idyllic, bucolic scenery that attracts the interest and passion of all visitors: National Park Aigüestortes Lake St. Maurice.

This natural paradise offers an array of activities and entertainment along with your loved ones that you can not miss. Whether it is summer or winter, this gorgeous countryside offers fabulous entertainment alternatives in any season. Know that the average winter temperature you’ll find this park ranges between 0 ° C and 5 ° C, showing visitors its high mountain climate more intense, so it is advisable to go well wrapped.
Aigüestortes is synonymous with wildlife and vegetation, and this park is that you can find up to 200 species of vertebrates, the most representative boar, mink, red squirrel, deer, marmot, gray dormouse and venison . As if we do not focus on vegetation, until 1471 plant species grow in the lands of this national park, may make mention of the ash, hazel, black oak or pine.


If you are fond of photography, National Park Aigüestortes enjoy some of the most picturesque landscapes and amazing, managing to make a dream photographs, unrepeatable. Lovers of mountain biking, hiking, and mountaineering are also in luck, as it can not be a more appropriate place to get lost in the mountains and discover the most unlikely places imaginable.

Recommended is the path of Sant Nicolau Bank, one of the routes is more popular in the park, with a duration of three hours (one way), which runs along the spectacular places such as San Esperit waterfall. Even within the park have created tours for people with reduced mobility to meet the most beautiful areas of the park without problems.

Play golf, fishing, hunting, rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping, canoeing, paintball, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and the possibilities are endless for all tastes, ages and needs. Come the cold winter this park becomes the ally of those who love winter sports, where visitors enjoy sports like snowboarding, different versions of skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing trips. And no wonder, since the place offers excellent conditions to enjoy the snow.ç

To conclude that if you want to surprise your partner or family with a fantastic environment, the beautiful National Park Aigüestortes help you get it. Inside enjoy a destination in which to disconnect everything and live a few unforgettable days off, being surrounded by abundant natural and cultural richness that prevails in the region.

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