In Catalonia we have a high quality gastronomy, very present in the Mediterranean diet and characterized by the wide variety of traditional dishes that represent us. Some of them stand out for the combination of sea and mountain ingredients, which is known here as “mar i muntanya”.

At the Hotel Les Brases, we have a restaurant where you can enjoy many of the typical Catalan dishes, which include exquisite meats and grilled fish.

7 typical dishes of Catalonia

Roasted Peppers Salad

It is a salad with roasted onion, tomato, peppers and aubergine accompanied by anchovy. In our restaurant we serve them with a toast, a very typical option also from the community.

Grilled sausage

EIn Catalonia it is very common to cook sausages on the grill. Many people know them as sausages by their appearance, only that in this case they are much larger and it is not exactly the same product. The custom in some places is to take it accompanied by mongetes (or white beans).


More typical than the sausage there is nothing in this area. The Catalan salad is based on lettuce, tomato, onion and olives, but with the extraordinary addition of the sausage of the land (asifarras varied or fuet). All cut into thin strips and seasoned to taste.

Snails to the llauna

They are the typical entrant in family gatherings and the specialty in the province of Lleida. The dish is made with ground snails roasted in the oven, previously cooked and finally accompanied by a spicy sauce.

Veal with mushrooms

One of the most typical meat dishes of Catalan cuisine. Its traditional recipe is with dried senderuelas, however it is also cooked with mushrooms in some homes, and the result is equally spectacular. It is one of the tastiest dishes, and at the same time healthy, since it is cooked with very few fats and lots of water 100% recommended!

Catalan cream

The famous and sweet cream dessert covered with a light layer of crunchy sugar. The dessert par excellence in Catalonia! Do you dare to try our restaurant?

Cottage cheese and honey

This combination is not as well known nationwide, however it is a very traditional dessert here, in the whole Catalan community. In the restaurant of our hotel you can enjoy it accompanied by nuts. It is the perfect way to sweeten the palate after a copious meal.

In addition to cottage cheese with honey, in restaurant del Hotel Les Brases you will find all these Catalan dishes and many more. If your thing is to travel and soak up the cultures and traditions of your destinations, you are in the perfect place to start in Catalonia. We will wait for you!

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