Good weather arrives, and with it one of the great opportunities that spring offers: enjoy outdoor sports. If you are a nature lover, Sort is your ideal destination. Under the mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees, next to the Noguera Pallaresa river, you can experience all kinds of adventures in the Pallars Sobirà region. This rural village will conquer you, as there are activities for all tastes and ages. Do you want to know them? Continue reading!

For animal lovers

Have you ever ridden a horse? Numerous studies show that riding or hípica it has very positive psychological effects. Being a sport that takes place outdoors in contact with nature will help you to disconnect and free yourself from the pressures of day to day. In addition, being in direct contact with animals like this one will also help you to relax and increase your confidence in yourself, since the bond that is created with the horse when you ride is unique.

For those who prefer extreme sports

In Pallars Sobirà you will have the opportunity to put your emotions to the limit. How? Try the canyoning by the Barranc de Sant Pere. The objective is to follow the river at all costs, descending the mountain, jumping or swimming. You will feel the protagonist of a real videogame!

If you are totally water, instead of mountain, you can not stop practicing rafting in this zone. The Noguera Palmarés River is one of the best in Spain to practice this water sport. The reason is very simple. You can experience all the adrenaline of the water currents in this tributary of the Segre River, which rises to more than 2000 meters and covers 146 kilometers. And if you’re left wanting more, ask for the hydrospeed or the canoes!

For those who want to reconnect with nature

Enjoy the pure air of the mountains and watch as spring blooms, with its green trees and colorful flowers in the Aigüestortes National Park and Lake Sant Maurici. Through this natural area you can perform different routes of trekking, of all levels, where you will border an authentic natural paradise of overwhelming dimensions, located in the western area of the Lleida Pyrenees. Are you going to miss it?

For hikers

They say that travel enriches the soul and makes us wiser. Sort is surrounded by interesting places to visit, which have a great history. In this area you can not miss the visit to Batlliu, the Valle de Àssua, the dragón of Saverneda, Tornafort and the Valley of Siarb. There are different routes, of different difficulties and duration, that go through different points of tourist interest. You will spend unforgettable days!

After this information you are sure you are already looking forward to visiting Sort in the spring! We will wait for you!