What you need for your escape luggage in the snow?
Written by hotelbrases on Friday, February 1, 2013
If you think you head to the mountains for snow sports, you have to be prepared. No matter if you are someone who does not get off the chairlift or who has never been to the snow. We are confident that what I tell you will help prepare your suitcase.

First you have to figure out where you’re going to get the ski or snow. If you own, no problem, sure you have everything ready. If there are several stores in Sort rent, decide which mode you practice and learn about what equipment you rent for your condition.

Apart from all the equipment for snow, you’ll need warm clothing to keep warm. Remember that several thin coats of quality do more than anything else. We help keep the heat inside, but it is important to let you perspire. Not good or pleasant sweat a lot, because then you can feel it down.

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Start from the bottom, to get organized, getting into the suitcase inside thermal clothing and long-sleeved shirts, and then the rest of clothes. If you spend a lot of cold feet consider using thin socks and then a thicker above, apart from having a very good boots. You also need a waterproof jacket for snow (if the liner has a even better).

Of course, organizing also listed the other essential element, as the helmet (always better if you’re unsure), a hat, a scarf or buff and two pairs of gloves: a ski and casual.

Do not forget to take care of the sun. Bring goggles for snow, or at least a pair of sunglasses with crystals good as everything becomes brighter when light reflects off the snow. It also includes a high protection sunscreen for both skin and lip, as the sun burns in the mountains than on the beach. And do not forget to watch your hands, the skin will suffer a lot with both cold and wind.

All this is good to use during the day on the slopes, but do not forget to complete the bag with necessities for later.

A tip for the girls: Forget heels, icy streets to walk with them is synonymous with accident

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