Municipality and town of the Catalan province of Lleida, Sort is a beautiful place culd with many interesting proposals to make throughout their vacation or getaway place. Riverfront Noguera Pallaresa Sort is a population that has a large attractive in many aspects, from the delicious and nutritious dishes of the place, to the natural beauty that surround you at every turn.

Sort is a must during your stay in the culd as it offers endless possibilities to its visitors and visits to famous monuments of great interest, the ability to carry out activities and outdoor sports of all types (mountain, adventure, in the snow, water, walking tours, etc..), the opportunity to acquire a long list of typical items that are handmade and artisanal, and even enjoy some of the traditional festivals that take place in the municipality.

Sort is distinguished from many other towns in the region, not only by the great natural wealth, but also the wealth of architectural, cultural and monumental remains. The museums at their disposal at the site are recommended to be most interesting to visit, where you not only learn many things, but enjoy the culture and art in every way. One of the museums that you can not miss is the Butterfly Museum of Catalonia, an interpretation center of nature found in the village of Pujalt and focuses on the investigation of butterflies and insects.

Also of interest Prison-Museum “The Cami de la llibertat”, a former prison into a museum in 2007 which is intended to recall the passage through the town of Sort of hundreds of people in Europe who fled the Nazis in the WWII. A visit that certainly will show you much of the history of Sort. You also can not forget to visit the Main Street of Sort, the church and the majestic castle belonging to the Middle Ages that still stands today on our heads.

If you are thinking closer to know the hidden secrets of Sort, better if you do agree with some of its festivities and higher as the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Soler (May 1), the Festival (August 1), Furs Fair (January 24) or the Festival of Altron (last weekend in August). Sort is a population of the most famous thanks to having received three first prize in the Christmas lottery, so that after the administration of “Doña Manolita” in Madrid, “La Bruja de Oro” is the most sold throughout Spain.

Food is one of the strengths of place, quality cuisine, prepared by hand, homemade and following to the letter the old recipes. Stews incomparable pasta shells as soup and carn d’olla, (major holiday dish) or escudella (stew of vegetables and bacon) will be quite a treat for your palate as well as artisan cheeses, being specialized in cheese Serrat and cheese Tupi. Totally irresistible.

Finally, they can not overlook the countless proposals and outdoor sports, in full contact with nature, which can be carried out in the area including hiking, mountaineering, ratfing, horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, fishing, hunting, canoeing, snowboarding, mountain biking, bungee jumping, canyoning, archery, among many other options. Alternative entertainment no shortage in Sort.

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