rafting llavorsi sort

Area Pallars Sovira is synonymous with fun, entertainment, leisure and outdoor activities, a destination that opens a wide range of possibilities for sports lovers in full contact with nature. Rafting in the culd is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities for hundreds and thousands of visitors each year come to experience the wonderful waters and natural landscapes that cover these lands.
Leverage your getaway to enjoy rafting in place is undoubtedly a great way to make a break with an added plus: sport sporting big. Come April is when the rafting season opens at the culd, an ideal place for those who want to immerse themselves in a wonderful adventure into the wild waters that run the place through its river Noguera Pallaresa destination, and is the flow of this river is the perfect place for this sport. Generally season this sport ends in mid-October.
If you want to live a dream experience that you raise adrenaline in the company of friends or family, crossing the waters of the place, discovering the charms of this beautiful place, bet on rafting in the area, a sport only suitable adventure for daring, for lovers of water sports. The decline of this famous river culd, the decline of its whitewater through inflatable boats can be converted into a unique experience, an experience able to raise your adrenaline to the top.

rafting llavorsi sort
Rafting is a sport that, taking all precautions, can be a really fun, exciting and entertaining sport. One of the most interesting proposals is to start the descent of the river at the town of Llavorsí, a small and beautiful town of barely 400 inhabitants of the population. Circumventing rocks, rapids and overcome, challenge the power of water, regain strength and return again to enter turbulent and raging waters will offer moments of fun and great emotions during the tour. If you choose to begin this stretch will pass through places like the stone bridge, the Roní Muller, the pont de Gulleri, up to Sort, the end of the tour.

rafting llavorsi sort
Those with more experience can opt for a tour that goes far beyond the capital culd, far beyond Sort, a much more demanding course that requires greater agility and experience in rafting, where those who They start trying to make this journey will end its journey in the impressive Collegats gorge.
You should know that there is an expensive experience, because for a truly affordable cost you can find several companies that offer you the possibility of tours that can be around 14 kilometers or more. And if, on top it off, if you get close to enjoy this bold and lively sport in the months of July and August, you can enjoy many of the largest festivals held in the region.

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