There are many aspects that contribute to the health and welfare of people, but there is widespread evidence that a peaceful and beautiful environment, fresh air, where you can relax, pamper your body and enjoy some delicacies worthy of kings, is more than cash to enjoy a few pleasant days in culd populations such as Sort, on the banks of the river Noguera Pallaresa.

The town and municipality of Lleida is a town that offers its visitors many great appeal in many ways, from the traditional cuisine that is prepared with great dedication and hard work in the area, to quiet walks at sunset by beautiful landscapes natural, certainly good ways and habits to comfort body and mind, and go alone or in company of a loved one.

If anything characterizes culd is the existence of several spas and resorts scattered throughout the region, which contributes to your relaxation and wellbeing. Resorts and spas are the perfect place to pamper your senses and feel the pleasure of taking care of your body after a lively and intense day of skiing or hiking. Massages, saunas, showers and water systems for everyone, facials and more, awaits you in Sort and surroundings.

The cuisine of this environment is characterized by Pyrenean be delicious, nutritious and as healthy, with particular emphasis on the use of raw materials such as rice carreretes, sausages, cheese Sort (the router), the secallona ( a kind of sausage), the xolís (typical sausage) and succulent desserts such as Filiberto. If you want to get the best eating in the area are very suggestive dishes like soup and carn d’olla galets, snails in sauce, grilled meats or escudella pumpkin. The site restaurants and grills will make things very easy, and take care of your interior is also taking care of your exterior.

After a good and healthy feast, why not take a walk through the beautifully peaceful and green environment around you? Walk, breathe, contemplates breathe again, enjoy, relax, lie down, walk, in its spectacular and unique natural areas will stop time, and no wonder since its bucolic scenes will be protagonists of your vacation or getaway to Pallars Sobirá . Forget the stress and bustle of the city visiting culd where health and healthy living make more sense than ever.