Routes Aigüestortes National Park and Lake San Mauritius, in the heart of the Pyrenees of Lleida, are full of living nature. So if yours is breathe fresh air and rejuvenate physically and spiritually, what do you expect for hiking in this beautiful place?

Start your adventure from the Brases Hotel is located in the Pallars Sobirà, which has privileged access. While staying there, you can plan ahead a family outing or outdoor activities and will disconnect you from the worries of work to appreciate the beautiful natural scenery of the park.


A paradise between green and blue is offered by the National Park Aigüestortes for hiking enthusiasts or those who want to start practicing. Each year, this green lung hundreds of visitors arrive in search of unique experiences, extreme sports and mountain adventures.

It is the only national park located in the autonomous community of Catalonia and shared area in 4 counties: Alta Ribagorça, Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà and the Aran Valley. It also has 2 large zones: the western or Aigüestortes, accessible by the Boi Valley and the eastern, called Estany de Sant Maurici and Encantats, which you can access from Espot.


breathtaking scenery

Undoubtedly, hikers and beginners will fill your expectations when walking routes this natural area with views of high mountains, unique vegetation and the possibility of observing natural tributaries, most notably Lake San Mauritius with 1,100 meters long and 200 meters wide.


You can also spot summits as Montardo of 2,833 meters, the Ratera with 2,857 meters; Peguera, which is 2,983 meters, and finally the Monestero with 2,877 meters.


Join the trend sports hiking in the Aigüestortes National Park and do not forget that the Hotel Les Brases is in a strategic place to offer you a rest and good service.


To account

Hiking, unlike other practices, is by roads and signage safety standards previously established.
It is a good choice to get away from stress, connect with nature and share a good time with family.
When you are hiking you can walk up to 35 kilometers a day.
In one hour, the walker can move 300 meters up and 500 down. On flat surfaces it can travel up to 3,000 meters.
Remember to take the necessary implements and clothing for hiking. comfortable shoes, pants and shirts, caps, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.

If you find an unforgettable family vacation, mountain sports like hiking and enjoy the scenery with your loved ones, the Hotel Les Brases offers all that and more in one place.