Culd talk is about one of the most beautiful regions of Catalonia, in fact has plenty of areas that are fully protected because they have great ecological value. Many natural scenes located in culd that will delight lovers most spectacular natural landscapes and outdoor activities.

One of the views that you can not overlook is the Forest of La Mata of Valencia Àneu, since it is one of the most important fir forests across the Iberian Peninsula. It is distinguished by displaying a beautiful vegetation and wild turn. It is an ideal space for all kinds of excursions, as this forest has itineraries suitable for all ages, with greater and lesser degrees of difficulty. The best way is through the C-28 from Àneu Esterri towards Puerto de Bonaigua.

Boumort National Reserve, full of contrasts and rising to 2000 meters, is one of the most amazing natural spaces you culd find on. These lands occupy over 13,000 hectares, red pine, black pine, rosemary and juniper are some of its leading vegetable. Inside the building is a myriad of animal species such as wild boar, deer, foxes, badgers and various birds of prey. It is an ideal destination for excursions and activities of curious as Deer Berrido during the autumn months.

Among the sites to mention you can not get into the ink Montcortés the fascinating Lake, the only shelf in the region that has a rather karstic glacier. The waters of this lake that has come from an internal source, and has a depth of between 20 and 40 meters depending on the area. It is also important to say that this is one of the stocks most amazing waterfowl in the Pyrenees. In its surroundings there are various hiking trails to admire the beautiful surrounding scenery. Also, if you wish, you can give in good dip in its waters or enjoy fishing. If you love nature and animals, take a horseback ride through the place will be all a dream.

Baiau crossed by the river, about 200 meters above sea level, lies the Pla de Boet, herbaceous plain surprising way Boet Valley, a beautiful place that is surrounded by mountains and forests of the most idyllic and spectacular. You can not forget the camera to photograph, is imperative. The meandering river is this pretty plain, which can often run into cows, sheep and mares grazing in place.

Finally, to mention just Escalarre marsh (within the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees) Certescans lake, the forest d’Arnui, and how could it be otherwise, the iconic and recognized Aigüestortes National Park and Sant Maurici Lake. And you, do you prefer to visit?


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