Perform a gastronomic escapade at culd become a culinary experience unforgettable, the most appetizing and succulent, only suitable for lovers of good food. If you are true lover of home cooking, traditional and quality in you culd provide products and most delicious dishes, healthy and natural you’ve ever tasted. The underpinning culd thanks to a long tradition of livestock farming and agriculture, which today still survives and endures over time, making this region a paradise for foodies and discerning palates.

Pallaresa gastronomy is part of the same culture of the region culd as distinguished by strictly follow step by step the old recipes, traditional recipes of all life, which remain intact for generations. Your self-sufficient and nutritious cooking will be a real treat for your palate, and no wonder since only use local produce in their development of the region, such as river trout, vegetables, their tender meat (pig hunting lamb, beef), mushrooms, nuts, potatoes, cheese and sausages.

With its fresh quality raw materials have created dishes and typical local products that are a temptation, not only for its locals but for visitors who come to learn the culinary secrets of the area. The varied and careful production of cheese, yogurt, pates and sausages in the area makes them many establishments engaged in the agro-food to crafts. As if this were not enough, are also of particular interest their spirits, wines and jams.

Remarkable are the sausage traitor, the “xolís” the “girella” or the “facit Carnival”, which have been produced using the most diverse meats, among other equally appealing proposals. The typical dishes worth mentioning her adobo pork with mushrooms, the cabbage with potatoes and bacon, the “pottage” (a kind of escudella), the “palois” (a delicious cooked leg of lamb and lamb to the casserole ), as well as sweet desserts “tortells” and mostillo.

As a perfect accompaniment to your dishes nothing better to marinate your choice with one of his finest and aromatic wines, taste and sublime quality. An initiative to extend and give to the world the rich cuisine featuring culd was to create a Gastronomic where many restaurateurs participating site and show visitors the delicious delicacies pallaresa.

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