The nursery can prepare for the visit of the Magi with a tree, decorations on the walls and Crafts

January 2, 2013

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Decorating children’s rooms with a touch of Christmas is a fun way to prepare for the arrival illusion of the Magi and Santa Claus-or Olentzero, Esteru Angulero for children and the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias. This article presents six ideas to achieve this: from the basics, like the tree, the decorations on the walls and bedding, to accessories such as stuffed animals and dolls dressed at home, safe lights. Thus, the arrival of these characters and their magical gifts in the morning will be even more special.

Many things change in a home over Christmas. A major is the decor, which soon assumed the typical features of this holiday season: green and red pine branches, lights, tinsel, hats and socks, Santa Claus, etc.

Children who live these dates are more illusion. And in particular, when morning about Reyes or the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve or Olentzero, Esteru Angulero for children or the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias. Decorate your room with Christmas can be a great way to give them a smile and make them feel more comfortable and excited while waiting for the gifts.

Christmas decorations for children’s bedrooms can be used ornaments that look like those in the rest of the house. Also fit other specifics, such as bedding and cushions, plus lights, stuffed animals and even children’s Christmas crafts.

Then, collect a list of ideas for Christmas dress fourth of the smallest.

1. Ornaments to decorate the walls of children’s bedrooms

Adorning the walls of the bedrooms of children with socks and hats Santa Claus or drawings of the Magi is a good alternative

On the walls of the children’s room can be placed all kinds of Christmas decorations. But the favorite of related smaller the characters that make them gifts: Santa Claus, the Magi, Olentzero, Esteru or Angulero. So, socks and hats Santa Claus or pictures and posters of any of these characters are always a good alternative.

A fairly new option is the use of vinyl figurasautoadhesivas, offering great potential. It is economical and, with suitable adhesive, easy to remove after the holidays.

2. A Christmas tree with socks child

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Children can have their own Christmas tree in her room. It is most appropriate that this fir is small and situated on furniture or shelf. The children tree can be a miniature replica of the great or one craft, made from two planks of wood or cardboard or everyday products such as macaroni, cartulinao recycled fabric scraps.

You can decorate with children’s crafts small self-built. And put lights, always with extreme care to safety measures. Of course: must-haves socks and shoes, where the Magi leave their gifts.

3. Curtains, bedding and cushions at Christmas

The curtains, blankets and duvet covers and cushions are a convenient way to decorate the nursery and preparing for the arrival of the Magi.

Fans can work with fabrics make these clothes themselves, with the advantage of being able to completely customize and achieve the best combinations.

Use the same fabric in several different places (curtains and cushions) on blankets monochrome function as background reinforces the effect and helps to make the small room a pleasant environment.

4. Puppets and crafts as complements

Plush toys children can dress up in Christmas clothes

Plush toys are a classic in children’s bedrooms, so you can choose special teddies for this season, as figures of Santa Claus or bears that carry their clothes, snowmen and reindeer.

Another possibility is to dress the child’s stuffed with features Christmas accessories: red hat with a white pompom on top, colored scarves, stars or any other kind of jewelry.

Special mention Santa Claus dolls or the Magi in a position to climb. Such devices are usually placed on the balconies, but the kids can do very funny to have him there, climbing the walls.

5. Christmas lights with special security

Christmas lights can be replaced with the soft light that many children are used to sleeping. Also count as part of the decoration for any time of day. And it must follow all safety rules to eliminate the risk of children accessing dangerous somewhere connection.

In addition to traditional lights, you can opt for alternatives such as LED lamps. The play of light can be an ornament or placed themselves combined with other elements, like the tree, stuffed animals, dolls or ornaments on the walls.

By consumer eroski