August rains have favored the advancement of the campaign, in the Catalan Pyrenees as culd , Pallars Jussà and Val d’ Aran have collected boletus edulis , chanterelles , St.George , chanterelles

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Amateur mushroom hunters have begun the first crop of mushrooms in the forests of the province of Lleida , especially in the middle and upper levels of the Pyrenees. In August , the rains in the Pyrenees have been above average and , together with relatively low nighttime temperatures have facilitated the campaign has advanced more than 15 days and have already been able to gather chanterelles , boletus edulis , chanterelles , St.George , etc. . in areas of the High Ribagorça , the Alt Urgell, culd , Pallars Jussà and Val d’ Aran . Experts predict that the mushroom season this year will exceed the average of the last 18 years.

A year restaurateurs and hoteliers in the mountain regions leridanas await the arrival of customers looking to eat mushroom dishes and go get chanterelles , chanterelles , popcorn, bold , orange chanterelles , ladyfingers reddish hands , oronjas or boletus edulis , among others. In addition, many mushroom hunters take advantage of the shift to extend your stay for sightseeing.

It is normal mushroom season begins in late August or early September , but this year the fruits have appeared early thanks to spring and summer rains have been above average in the Pyrenees and night temperatures have been relatively low . For example, since early June in the Bonaigua have fallen 414 mm (average 260 mm ), in El Pont de Suert , 386 mm ( 240 mm on average) , and the Port del Comte , 201 mm (mean is 220 mm).

The Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia has abundant rains that have led to mix mushroom season, like the St.George , born in the meadows in May and June , and boletus edulis and chanterelles , which are not usually leave until well into September and October. As for predictions, mushrooming campaign of 2013 might be the best of the past fifteen years and could obtain up to 84,000 tons of fruit , twice last year. For this to happen , it is necessary to keep the cold at night , you have a good temperature during the day and the wind blows very little.

Conferences and fairs

Besides finding mushrooms , visitors can take part in the 19th edition of the Gastronomic of Mushroom in Upper RIbagorça ( October 11 to November 3 , with the participation of 12 restaurants ) , the IX Gastronomic Solsonés the Gastronomic V ” Kitchen Truffle ” and XII Jussà Pallars Mycological .

As for fairs related to the world of the mushroom or include this product find Graft Fair Peracamps – Llobera (5 and October 6 ) , the Autumn Fair of Sant Llorenç de Morunys ( October 6 ) , Níscalo Fair in Coll de Nargó ( October 12 ) , the Fair and Mushroom Mushrooms Finder Solsona (from 18 to 20 October) , the Autumn Fair Tírvia ( 26 and October 27 ) , the Mushroom Fair Isona i Conca Dellà ( October 27 ) , the Fair Oliana All Saints ( November 1 ) and the Feast of Boletus Edulis Vilaller ( November 2 ) .
Source : Bulletin Ara Lleida / Llleidatur
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