pirineo y pallars sobira

Snowboard tricks for beginners

Snowboarding is fashionable. Every year more people of all ages are encouraged to learn this fun winter sport that will increase your adrenaline and make you enjoy the most of outdoor exercise. Not everyone has the same physical and mental ability to learn snow at a good pace, so today we will give you some snowboard tricks for beginners to help you improve your level. Choose a team according to your level and your height Normally, beginners usually start with…

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Winter fun for all

We are entering some dates in which, no matter how cold it is, we are looking forward to a getaway with family or friends. Although there are very varied options, you know that it is the perfect time to enjoy the snow in all its splendor. However, you will be surprised to know that there is something more besides being able to slide for skiing or snowboarding. A playful park with much to offer The ski resort of Port Ainé,…

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Aigüestortes National Park, sant Maurici Lake and mountain tourism

Catalonia has many green spaces that will delight the faithful lovers of nature, sports and outdoor activities. But if you put head north of Lleida, and more specifically to the Pallars Sobirá will find a most charming scenery, idyllic, bucolic scenery that attracts the interest and passion of all visitors: National Park Aigüestortes Lake St. Maurice. This natural paradise offers an array of activities and entertainment along with your loved ones that you can not miss. Whether it is summer…

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