Health & Fitness in Sort

There are many aspects that contribute to the health and welfare of people, but there is widespread evidence that a peaceful and beautiful environment, fresh air, where you can relax, pamper your body and enjoy some delicacies worthy of kings, is more than cash to enjoy a few pleasant days in culd populations such as Sort, on the banks of the river Noguera Pallaresa. The town and municipality of Lleida is a town that offers its visitors many great appeal…

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The Pallars Sobirá and crafts

Among the various examples of traditional craftsmanship which encontaremos in stores, salt shakers wooden stand , the beçulles , ceramics, basketry and crafts agribusiness . The salt shakers , which are made from time immemorial in the same houses , are usually pine and decorated with sgraffito outside of traditional motifs . Were used for both domestic use and by the shepherds , and served to keep the salt near the fire , protected from moisture, without being burned or…

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Wellness and Welfare in Pallars Sobira

Many medical studies have indicated that the mere fact of some 1500 meters above sea level you get a more positive effects in the body, and of course , health . The healthy, calm and cool climate breathed the mountain area when forming culd visiting and the beautiful waters teeming environment with multiple curative therapy proves to be as beneficial to health. In Pallars Sobirá you will find an authentic source of life and wellbeing , a fountain of youth…

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