restaurant les brases de sort

The best food in Sort to taste

Pleasures are also enjoyed with the sense of palate and the experience of sitting down to enjoy a tasty dish in a pleasant place and, precisely, In our hotel in Sort, you will find the most varied Catalan gastronomic selection; we offer sophistication that can only be appreciated when excellent service and excellence are the priorities. Nothing can be compared to tasting a delicate dish, in a fantastic environment and with first-class care, which can be experienced in our restaurant,…

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What to do and see in Sort

Municipality and town of the Catalan province of Lleida, Sort is a beautiful place culd with many interesting proposals to make throughout their vacation or getaway place. Riverfront Noguera Pallaresa Sort is a population that has a large attractive in many aspects, from the delicious and nutritious dishes of the place, to the natural beauty that surround you at every turn. Sort is a must during your stay in the culd as it offers endless possibilities to its visitors and…

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Rafting on the river Noguera pallaresa

Area Pallars Sovira is synonymous with fun, entertainment, leisure and outdoor activities, a destination that opens a wide range of possibilities for sports lovers in full contact with nature. Rafting in the culd is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities for hundreds and thousands of visitors each year come to experience the wonderful waters and natural landscapes that cover these lands. Leverage your getaway to enjoy rafting in place is undoubtedly a great way to make a break with…

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