All culd area has always been a purely livestock and agricultural region, which has conditioned the holidays and traditions of the place, which until recently have mainly followed the cycle.

A few years ago the meetings were held during the month of May, just before it took place the sheep shearing and herds brand to upload up mountains. Instead fairs were held during the autumn months, which coincided with falling just sheep, while the place festivals are held during the winter months as it was when the locals had little work to do .

But all in recent years has changed due to tourism, so as to have carried out various modifications to the dates that celebrate their festivals, moving them to the summer months. And in the summer months it is precisely when the number of visitors is much higher. It is also important to note that some fairs have been disappearing with the changing times.

Among the most important festivals of the place must take into account its liturgical calendar dates such as Carnival (where you can not miss the exquisite Farcit Carnival, their stews, and the Passa) Christmas time (one purely celebratory parties family) and Passover (carried out delicious food outdoors group).

With the arrival of the summer the locals are put to work to celebrate a popular festival known as failures and Alins Isil. But it does not end here, as during the good weather also held multiple festivities and social events, cultural and sporting typical culd area.

Nor can it be in the pipeline the party held in the town of Sort on June 24, a festival where the locals with flaming torches start making a night march from the mountain to the people. This tradition is a sight to behold, and that once the villagers come to town, they all celebrate a popular dinner.

It is important to say that a large part of the province of Lleida celebrate their festivals during the month of August, a month in which the proposed calendar is full of good alternatives for all tastes, which go from series of concerts to traditional activities.

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