Snowboarding is fashionable. Every year more people of all ages are encouraged to learn this fun winter sport that will increase your adrenaline and make you enjoy the most of outdoor exercise.

Not everyone has the same physical and mental ability to learn snow at a good pace, so today we will give you some snowboard tricks for beginners to help you improve your level.

Choose a team according to your level and your height

Normally, beginners usually start with pretty “soft” or “soft” snowboards. It is essential that you choose a table according to your height, your foot number and also your weight.

Be advised by the experts in the store until you can improve your level and be more aware of the type of snow you like to practice:

  • Snowboards All Mountain (or All Terrain): They are multipurpose boards that serve for all types of terrains, track, off-piste or snowpark. They are usually the most common for beginners.
  • Snowboards Freeride: They are somewhat longer boards that are created especially to go for off-piste places with virgin snow.
  • Snowboards Freestyle: They are somewhat shorter and more manageable tables, perfect for making figures in the snowpark.

It is essential that apart from the board you have a good team: Appropriate clothing, snow boots, helmet, gloves, glasses, etc. Comfort is essential to learn in conditions.

What is your favorite foot?

Trick: On a uniform surface, get on the board. What leg have you placed instinctively in the front? It is almost certain that this is your favorite.

Usually left-handed people put their right leg behind (Regular mode) while right-handed people usually put their left leg behind (Goofy mode). The leg behind is the one that acts as a “rudder” and is usually our strongest leg.

What is the correct position?

Do not remain totally rigid standing on the board, as you will lose your balance. The best thing is that you slightly flex your legs.

As for the shoulders, control them 100% since they will also act as rudders. The arm that you keep in front of you will be the one that carries “the singing voice”.

Learn to slow down

When the descent is very slow, we can get to brake by pressing on one of the heels, which will reduce the speed gradually. However, if the speed is a bit higher, this practice is not enough.

Learn how to make the “hockey stop”: Press hard on the front edge of the snowboard (what is called brake on “toeside“), or put pressure on the rear edge (what we know as braking on “Heelside“), and at the same time we must rotate the upper part of our body with decision.

It is not easy at first, but with repetition and patience everything is learned. This type of braking is much more abrupt, than the previous one, and with it you will be able to brake better on steep slopes, when you have enough speed or when an unexpected obstacle is put before you that you need to avoid.

We hope that these simple tricks of snowboard for beginners will come well to start you in this fascinating sport.

Where to practice snowboarding?

The Catalan Pyrenees is full of good snowboarding stations at all levels, of course also if you are a beginner.

From Hotel Les Brases we recommend some of the following: Port Ainé, Virós-Vallferra, Sant Joan de L’erm, Espot Esqui, Tasvascan or Baqueira Beret, all located in the Pallars Sobirá region.