Turismo literario

Legends, stories and literature walking culd lands , especially if you put up the captivating course Vall d’ Àssua . Speaking of the Vall d’ Àssua are talking of a novel landscape , a landscape that hides behind its green landscapes countless stories to tell. This beautiful valley in the region of culd covers part of the municipalities of Sort and Rialb .

Within beautiful and great Vall d’ Àssua we literary landscape of great popularity in many literary works that have a special meaning. Concrete spaces in which they have developed certain , important, and in many cases works critical scenes . Literary works that have some piece of history that is developed in this valley are described with great precision and detail, even there are spaces that become repeat offenders included in different novels.

The works literariaso novels which can be read fragments speak of the beautiful Vall d’ Àssua are ‘Les Veus the Panamo ‘ Jaume Cabre, ‘ Verd madur ‘ Josep Virós and works ‘ Mel metzines i ‘,’ Pedra of pie ‘or’ Country Íntim ‘ Mary Barbal it all . You can also speak of ‘ Viatge Literari culd pel ‘ Ferran Rella or other works published by Joan Lluís as “El meu Pallars ‘ or ‘ i Llegendes Històries Pallars ‘ .

Through the Vall d’ Àssua intoxicating you can choose up to 5 different itineraries, routes listed in the aforementioned works. The itinerary 1 appears in the play ‘ Les Veus the Panamo ‘ , and is a short walk of a couple of hours, a quiet and relaxing journey that has little slope , surrounding the Pamano River and with wonderful views across the valley. This route runs from Seurí and places like Meneurí , Prat de l’ Areny or Llessui .

The itinerary 2 also appears in the play ‘ Les Veus the Panamo ‘ (part 2 ) , but this time of Sorre , and populations through Enviny , Surp , Sort or Scepter, among others. This tour reaches 12 hours, a full walk that covers a significant part of the population that make up the Vall d’ Àssua and Batlliu . You need at least a full day to perform this entire route , but if you want to make more restful way you can perform in two days . Corners , and shelters surprises await you in this beautiful place.

The itinerary 3 appears in the play ‘ Verd madur ‘ and begins the path from the population Llessui and runs through beautiful natural areas like the Moro Canyon , Canyon Mollons the dels Guaus source or Xic of Mainera lake. This tour lasts about 6 hours. The recommendation on this route is stopped to contemplate the beauty of the imposing Montsent . The itinerary 4 appears in the novel ‘ Pedra de Tartera ‘ , a path that misses the 4 ½ hours of travel. This route starts from the village of Altron and runs along the Borda of Botiguet , Sant Josep d’ Solati or OLP . The splendid views of this tour showcases the best of Vall d’ Àssua the culd and Montsent .

And finally mention the route 5, a path that appears in the work ‘Mel metzines i ‘ , a journey of barely 6 hours and leaving from the OLP population , through towns like Sort , Scepter or Mother of God Montserrat . This path is sunny, quiet and easy to perform, where you will see sections accompanied with old stone walls .

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