After a long wait, we can finally enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees, always in the hands of the best stations, such as Port Ainé, Virós-Vallferra, Sant Joan de L’erm, Espot Esqui, Tasvascan and Baqueira Beret, all located in the region of Pallars Sobirá. What becomes the ideal activity to combine it with a trip to the Hotel de Les Brases. However, there are always things that we end up forgetting from one year to the next and that we must take into account when it comes to skiing. Take a pen and paper because we’re going to explain everything you’ll need to feel that adrenaline that only ski makes you feel.

A good workout before you start

Skiing is a complete sport since you move practically your entire body. Although it is not your first time, you must prepare it. The muscles get used to the exercise you do every day, so it is advisable not to spend a sedentary life days before you go skiing, because your muscles can overload and end up injured. A good way to avoid it, is by toning the legs and arms, so that they are ready when you launch on the track.

Mark a tour

One of the most important things when you go skiing is to mark a route and always carry a map by hand. Many times we tend to go for free and this is a serious mistake, since we can end up on a track that is not appropriate to our level, ending with some injury. You have to be aware of the level you really have and not slip on a track that does not suit your equipment and technique.

Interesting extras

Another of the things that we usually forget to take when it comes to skiing is to select the extras that brighten up our getaway. One of the best that will come is the famous fortfait, a pass that allows you to move around the ski slopes using the ski lifts. If, on the other hand, we do not choose this option, we can move along the track on foot, something that is sometimes very spectacular.

On the other hand, the tracks of Pallars Sobirá have skipass, a system of access to the tracks faster and which you can recharge online before your arrival.


Do you need extra accommodation or help to prepare your ski trip? Count on us to enjoy a unique winter in Sort!