Castle of Sort

Castle of Sort in Pyrinnes

The town of Sort (692 m high), main centre of El Pallars Sobirà, runs long at the bottom of the valley, on the right bank of the river La Noguera Pallaresa. Westerly there are the large round based towers, the Gothic façade (15th century) and the walls of the Castle of Sort, which recently have undergone considerable rehabilitation, with the opening of a multi functional hall inside its walls to hold exhibitions and other activities.

The town expanded from the foot of that settlement, following the trail that led to the river, until it reached the Carrer Major (Main Street) and the Raval, and the union of these two with the centre of the village gave birth to the Plaça Major (Main Square), presided by the church parish of Sant Feliu. At the beginning of the 20th century, during the building works of the road from Balaguer to Vall d’Àneu, the river was diverted, and this allowed the creation of the Parc del Riuet and the construction of a new neighbourhood between the village and the new river course and the creation of Passeig de la Pallissa.

In the last decades, Sort has spread northwards with the creation of the neighbourhood of La Solana; to the east with the urbanization of Borda de Paisan and to the south with the creation of an industrial resource and facilities around the area of Les Vernedes.


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