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Hydroelectric Central

In Tavascan

Water Interpretation Center in Tavascan.

The Electricity Interpretation Centre in Tavascan was created to reveal to the public in general an essential part of electricity production in Catalonia in modern history: the hydro electrical complex built into the Valley of Alt Cardós between the sixties and seventies. Starting with a brief historical introduction of the area, it continues with the description of the station building process. Then, it explains how the hydro electrical sources function, inside the mountains of Tavascan and Montamara, as well as the great hydraulic system that provides the necessary flow rate, with the reservoirs, the conductions and the technical installations. There is also a chronological summary of all the hydroelectric power stations built in Catalonia (its power being superior to 5 MW), supplemented with the hydro electrical exploitation of natural resources in general. In addition, it includes a visit to the Espai FECSA ENDESA inside de power station of Tavascan, to make the visitor aware of the magnitude of the building works and to let the public see how these massive installations actually work.
Timetable: Visits on appointment
Com arribar-hi: From Llavorsí, a village on the C-13 between Sort and Esterri d'Àneu, we will take the L-504 to the very end, in Tavascan.
  • Adresse: Casal del Poble
  • 25577 Tavascan (Lladorre)
  • Telephone: 656 814 557 / 973623089

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